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Back from the dead.
April 4, 2008, 11:35 pm
Filed under: Life

I’m back for the time being. It’s been a month since I’ve written anything. For those who sensed my absence, that is.

Life’s a bore, honestly.

My fingers are pressing the ‘Settings’ button back and forth.

Can give a quick guess Mei Lean?


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nani?? so u finally decided to revive ur blog

Comment by memoryrosary

lina should this more often. atiqah needs entertainment

Comment by a t i q a h

qistina seconds to atiqah’s opinions. after all, the bunny is known to say great things.

Comment by Qistina

bunny the wise, monster the great, lamb the bimbo


Comment by a t i q a h

This is so touching. You people miss me. I’m flattered, truly flattered.

*Hops away*

Comment by Lina

Ish. I am so not surprised with that mosnter’s comments.

Danke schoen fuer Lambert!

Comment by Qistina

I tagged you!

Comment by Qistina


Comment by Lina

An update! Yeah Lina. We check your blog for updates everytime. You should do this often =)

Comment by gallimaufries

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